Treatment for private paying patients

Alongside our contract with the local health authority for specialist rehabilitation for severe stress-related exhaustion disorder, we work to provide psychotherapy, physical and occupational therapy in problem areas related to stress, sleep disturbance or previously treated exhaustion disorder.

The treatment perspective is health-oriented rather than disorder-oriented and the main intention is to support your strengths, reduce the experience of stress, restore balance in psychophysiological systems and thereby facilitate the self-healing process. The goal is for you to have improved health, sustainable return to work/studies if on partial sick leave and a lasting change in behaviour. This can be achieved through an increased understanding of the underlying factors that lead to your health issues.

  1. Intensive multimodal group treatment (2 full days)
  2. Individual multimodal treatment over a longer period (6 – 12 sessions)
  3. Individual support from a single profession – psychologist, occupational or physical therapist (1 – 12 sessions)

The intensive multimodal group treatment (2 full days) is based upon both our clinical experience and evidence from the rehabilitation programme for stress-related exhaustion disorder and from F-ACT (Focussed – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, third wave treatment within Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) as a treatment method. We start with an assessment of your situation and your goals. To get a holistic view of your problem areas you will receive input from each of our professional disciplines; doctor, psychologist, physical and occupational therapist). This is what is called multimodal treatment. The group format provides an extra opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from each other. In our experience, this is a very rewarding and effective treatment method.

The individual multimodal treatment over a longer period includes support/therapy from a psychologist, an occupational and a physical therapist. We make an assessment together on which area you need support with behavioural change and write a treatment plan with a focus on how the different medical professions can support you with this.

Individual support from a single profession is based upon a defined treatment issue. It may be that you have previously taken part in a rehabilitation programme and simply need to hone your skills or that you have a specific question where a complete treatment programme is not necessary.

Feel free to contact us should you have questions regarding any of the above.