Self-test stress questionnaire

Self-test stress questionnaire



Described below are a number of conditions, each of which may be experienced now and then. Please complete to what degree these experiences usually apply to you for the greater part of your everyday life.

1 = Almost never, 7 = Almost always
1. I feel tired

2. I feel lively

3. I feel physically drained

4. I feel fed up

5. I feel full of energy

6. I feel like my “batteries” are dead

7. I feel alert

8. I feel burned-out

9. I feel tired mentally

10. I have no energy for getting up in the morning

11. I feel active

1 = Almost never, 7 = Almost always
12. I feel drowsy

13. I feel tense

14. I feel relaxed

15. I feel restless

16. I feel a strong inner tension

17. I feel too tired to think

18. I have difficulty concentrating

19. My thinking process is slow

20. I can’t think clearly

21. I have difficulty thinking about complex things

22. I feel I’m not focussed in my thinking