Referral via healthcare professional

Stressmottagningen has a contract with Region Stockholm, the local health authority, for multimodal rehabilitation at specialist level for severe stress-related exhaustion disorder. This means that should you be referred to us, that you have already received help from primary or private healthcare and that we take over treatment when this help has not been sufficient and where ill-health remains.

High-cost protection applies to treatment. We are also happy to take over sick leave responsibility during the treatment period.

It is usual for assessment to take place within 2 weeks from receipt of the referral. In the case of positive feedback, it usually takes less than 2 weeks for your treatment to begin.

Our treatment programme takes place several times a week during a 4 – 5-month period which means that we can only offer rehabilitation to those who live within commuting distance to the clinic, which is close to Fridhemsplan, Stockholm.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools that you need to be able to regain your health and life balance. We often need to work with both recovery promotion and building new skills in dealing with stress in everyday life.

Most of those who come to us achieve their goal of regaining health to the degree that they can break their sick leave and start working again. By actively working with your own rehabilitation, you will reach your health goals. It often takes time, more time than you think or indeed wish, but it is achievable. 

It has probably taken years of stress to result in having a stress breakdown, so it is unreasonable to expect to be fully recovered in a few short weeks. With each step in your rehabilitation, you will be getting gradually closer to your goal.

At Stressmottagningen we combine research with rehabilitation and in that way our programme is always up to date with the latest findings on what causes stress and how the body is affected by long-term stress and disturbed recovery. We continuously evaluate our treatment to ensure that what we do is of top quality.